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•   Karen Wormuth (Winters)  1/16
•   Bob Moss  1/16
•   Jean Macleod  11/1
•   Sharon Clark (Gould)  10/27
•   Sherry Dence (Barber)  10/27
•   Leslie Stebbins  10/26
•   Bonnie Goldsworthy (Denny)  10/26
•   Carol Tucker (Shepherd)  10/26
•   James Walters (Walters)  10/26
•   Kenneth Rauch  9/21
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1 lives in Arizona
5 live in California
2 live in Colorado
4 live in Florida
1 lives in Georgia
1 lives in Illinois
1 lives in Indiana
4 live in Kentucky
2 live in Maryland
1 lives in Massachusetts
1 lives in Michigan
1 lives in Minnesota
1 lives in New Hampshire
1 lives in New Jersey
67 live in New York
4 live in North Carolina
2 live in Pennsylvania
2 live in South Carolina
3 live in Tennessee
1 lives in Texas
1 lives in Vermont
5 live in Virginia
3 live in Washington
1 lives in West Virginia
1 lives in Wisconsin
1 lives in Nova Scotia
1 lives in Ontario
1 lives in Australia
1 lives in Mexico
25 location unknown


Know the email address of a missing Classmate? Click here to contact them!


October 23, 2021

Thank you to those of you willing to help us locate and reconnect with our fellow classmates. We will add to this list as classmate names are taken and by whom, so you will know whether to select others to locate. Instructions for locating classmates can be found after this list.

When connecting with other classmates.

  • Ask if they are planning on coming to the 60th Reunion -- Fall 2022.
  • Ask them to answer the survey about the 60th on the website so we know whether they are planning to come or not. 
  • Ask them to please update their contact information and profile on our website. We would like to know what they have been doing, where they live, etc. Photos would be GREAT.
  • Using “Contact Us” on our website, please tell us what success you have had, if any, and (as a backup) whether they plan to come or not to the reunion.
  • Our goal is to have everyone located by December 31, 2021.

Alpha by last name in 1962 --     Selected By:

Bachman, Priscilla (Aylesworth)   Dence, Sherry (Barber)

Bubb, Carol (Godfrey)                 Hallchurch, Edie (Pinegar)

Clark, Brad                                  Crandon, Rheta (Jenks)

Clark, Sharon (Gould)                 Dence, Sherry (Barber)

Colson, Tim                                 Crandon, Rheta (Jenks)

Crego, Jerry                                Foster, Paul

Crego, John                                Foster, Paul

Crego, Louise (Brunelle)             Hallchurch, Edie (Pinegar)

Dence, Sherry (Barber)               Wormuth, Karen (Winters)

Disinger, David                            Dence, Sherry (Barber)

Drapikowski, Rita (Colson)          Crandon, Rheta (Jenks)

Foster, Paul                                 Dence, Sherry (Barber)

Goldsworthy, Bonnie (Denny)     MacLeod, Jean

Huntington, Adelma  (Carter )     Wormuth, Karen (Winters)

Lanigan, Mary Ellen                    MacLeod, Jean

Letson, Russell                           Hallchurch, Edie (Pinegar)

MacLeod, Jean                           Wormuth, Karen (Winters)

Marks, Kathy (Hammond)           Hallchurch, Edie (Pinegar)

Miller, Terry                                 Foster, Paul

Munson, Carol (Huber)               MacLeod, Jean

Peterson, Elsie                           Crandon, Rheta (Jenks)

Russ, Janet (Rogaski)                Crandon, Rheta (Jenks)

Seifert, Lucille (Johnson)            MacLeod, Jean

Sheets, Esther (Clark)                Foster, Paul

Tucker, Carol (Shepherd)           Wormuth, Karen (Winters)




Visits to our site

Class of 1962 -- Finding Classmates for our 60th Reunion in 2022

If you are able to help us locate classmates, the instructions that follow will provide guidance. We are asking that each of you try to locate 4 of our classmates, so the task is not huge.  

On the Home Page - Log in with your Email and Password. If you have forgotten your password, there is a link to reset it. If you have changed your email since our 50th, and can't log in, please email Bob Moss at 

Select your 4 in this way.

  • On the “Home Page” click “Classmate Profiles” and the names of ALL classmates will come up.
    • Don’t select “Missing Classmates” or “In Memory” yet.
  • You can view by “Name,” or “Yearbook Photo”
  • There is a Legend at the top that indicates the status or information available for each classmate.
    • Check mark - indicates that at some point in time they have entered information in their profile.
    • Camera - photos have been added to their profile.
    • **  In Memory - these are classmates we know of who have passed away. 
    • Rose Graphic - there may be an obituary or more information about them.
    • US Flag - military service.
  • Identify the 4 individuals you are willing to locate taking into consideration the names that have already been selected which can be found in the Announcement on the Home Page. Send your selected names to Bob Moss by clicking on "Contact Us" on the Home Page. He will update the Announcement, so others will know you are searching for specific classmates.
  • Missing Classmates - Unreachable @ 50th Reunion -- As of the 50th there were 20 classmates we could not locate. On the website, hover on "Classmate Profiles" and select "Missing Classmates." If you know how to reach any of them, please select as one of your 4 to find. Otherwise, please skip these classmates for now and choose classmates we have contact information on.
  • In Memory - Known Deceased Classmates -- Our website lists those that we know who are no longer with us. They are shown with 2 stars ** next to their name, and some have a "rose" if there is more information about their passing. If you have additional information about any of these classmates, or know of others to be added, please select as one of yours to find and provide the information to Bob Moss again by selecting "Contact Us" on our website.

Our goal is to have everyone "found" by December 31, 2021. We tentatively plan on a Fall 2022 reunion, but dates have not been selected nor activities planned. This will likely be our last reunion, so hopefully we can get a good turnout.

Bob - Edie - Karen