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Harry Shriver

Harry Shriver

12/8/2023 Redmond, Washington

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02/20/24 10:45 AM #1    

William Slack

Oh Tippy.  We went way back.  And what successful career you had!  One of the 'Crazy Eights'. A proud parent. A dedicated physician.  An avid traveler.  Peace.

02/20/24 11:05 AM #2    

Karen Wormuth (Winters)

Tip - What a great life you led. So glad we got to reconnect at our 50th in 2012. Wondered why we had not heard from you for our 60th. You are now at peace. Karen

02/21/24 09:29 PM #3    

Carol Tucker (Shepherd)

What an amazing life!  "Tip" was always friendly and a gentlemen.  Does anyone remember how he got the nickname of "Tip"?  I remember many summer nights walking to the dairy for a cone.  Hugs to you Harry.

Carol Tucker Shepherd


02/22/24 08:37 AM #4    

Paul Foster

My earliest memories of Tip were riding the school bus together from Cold Springs Rd. to the old Elizabeth St. school for Kindergarten with Miss Posthill.  Later at the same school in 5th grade we used to have a race the length of the back playground every dat at the end or recess.  Tip always won!  Terry Miller and I were usually 2nd and 3rd, and Martha Winship was 4th!   Great memories!

02/22/24 11:25 AM #5    

William Slack


Those of us in gym class with Tip and..who showered after know the origins of his nickname. An unusually placed 'birthmark'.

hope you are well

03/01/24 02:14 PM #6    

Lucile Seifert (Johnson)

As Billy Slack wrote, we were members of the “Crazy Eights” – what a fun group. I met most everyone in the seventh grade and as we got to know each other better we were privileged to have Jean’s dad and mom teach us how to dance: The Lindy, Foxtrot, Waltz, Cha Cha and of course Square Dancing. That was Mr. MacLeod’s expertise. He even had records made of his Square Dance calls.  Do you remember the Sock Hop dances at the North Side Elementary school gym that he organized? I enjoyed dating Tip and going to Junior and Senior proms with him. We had a lot in common – he wanted to be a doctor and I a nurse. He even visited me in Boston for a date when I was doing my rotation in pediatrics at Boston Children’s Hospital in college.  The next time I saw him was at our 50th reunion – I was happy to see him then and we had some good times reminiscing.  He accomplished a lot – having a family, grand kids, long-time family practice and lots of travels.  I cannot imagine what a wonderful, personable doctor he must have been and loved by many. I will miss him also, but have great memories of fun times together – especially with our “Crazy Eight” gang.  

03/02/24 05:16 PM #7    

Jean Macleod

I think I knew Tip for a long time before I knew he had another name. We moved from Long Island to Cold Springs in 1955. I remember getting on that same bus with Paul Foster and Tippy. I was in the parish house for 6th grade. Bill Slack, Paul Foster, what was it called? There, squished into that small upstairs room, I got to know Tippy, Billy ,Margaret Entwisle, and John Bell. The next year, we went into the big, new junior-senior high school which had a pool!! That year we met the kids from Northside School, including my two besties Lucile Seifert and Carol Munson.  So the Crazy Eights, which also included Ken Rauch,  were a bunch of good kids who, in 7th and 8th grade actually played together. We played Blind Man's Bluff in Bill's backyard. Once we went to the movies and before we went we drew names to see who would hold hands with whom! Hahaha! I think I held hands with Johnny Bell. Well, Mrs.Gale, Episcopal church secretary,  saw us out her window, walking to the movies holding hands and called Mrs Entwisle, Episcopal Rector's wife. Two of our group were PK's (Preacher's Kids) so the phones rang. Another memory, Mr.Slack tutored us before our chemistry and geometry NYS Regents Exams. One year, we left for the prom from Slack's house, taking photos first. My Mom and Dad and couson Jud helped create the dance studio in our basement. Once a month, Tip, Lucile, John. Billy, Carol, Ken, Margaret and I were joined by 24 others...the High Steppers. Tip was a fine dancer and always made us feel good. We had a very fun beatnik party once. Tip always offered to help clean up afterwards and had a gracious way about him.  Then after 8thgrade, we all went to the Slack's camp in Malone on Lake Titus. One summer, the guys joined us while Munsons and MacLeods were camping at Fish Creek with the girls. There, my father called square dances, the music ringing out over the lake, arrousing the motorcycle cop, Mr.Terry, to show up every night....angry.  Tip and I talked about all these things at our 50th Reunion, the best planned reunion ever, I am sure, Karen Wormuth Winters and Team! I learned about his family, his medical practice, how he had just retired 2 weeks before the reunion and he was all set to travel. Tip had a pleasant, kind way, smiled so easily and was even kind enough in 11th grade history class, while sitting in the desk behind me, to yank out my very premature gray hairs, causing me to jump off my chair. I remember Tip with a smile and pray he rests in peace forever. 

03/03/24 02:10 PM #8    

William Slack

Ah, Jean

You capsture moments in time.  How fortunate we were .

i lost track of Margaret.


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